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self-taught, or on burgers and the beach

IMG_6284Here’s a repost of something I shared June 16th with friends and family on Facebook:

Met this sweet Icelandic artist today. His name is Bjarni Bernhardur.

He has a show in Reykjavik’s SIM Guesthouse gallery.

He: I’m self-trained

Me: so am I

He: I use words with my pictures

Me: So do I.

He signed a discounted copy of his book for me. So precious.




Meanwhile, I look forward to sharing my work Thursday 5-7pm here at Blonduos’ Textilsetur at an exhibition for artists in residence here.

Along the way, I will be thinking of that great outing I had with three fellow artists to a local restaurant where Eric Clapton is said to have sat at the bar. Afterwards, we walked on the beach. When told I had a burger and fries, my husband who loves burgers and fries, emailed, “Have more burgers and fries.” Right.

Burger, fries and beer at Blonduos latest: Retro Bistro.
A photo I took of Swedish artist Kerstin Lindstrom walking on the beach. She had a vegan burger. She was good to do as much. I should have done the same.




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