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in-between space

Rainbow captured from Calton Hill in Edinburgh a few years ago.

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is in my path while Iceland is still around me. “The Grant Green Story” will be screened at The Cameo there July 8.

I was in Scotland last year and the year before owing to my husband’s research. It will be good to return while I am thinking about the way in which women claim power by moving through space.

This is the topic of a book I first learned of while indeed moving through space. I was on a tube in London reading the TLS. Or maybe it was one of the book reviews to which my husband subscribes. Or The Guardian.

Me in front of the North Berwick Law.

This is the word for people, in this case, women who seem to wander without responsibility, usually in urban spaces. This appears to be a modern thing because for years an unaccompanied woman was seen as suspect.

Me at a rest stop in Hveragerði , Iceland, this past weeknd.

There are women today who are still seen that way. I shall save those thoughts for another time and instead meditate on the varied meanings of freedom as I experience it this summer. And previous summers.

Edinburgh below. This will be my base for two weeks. On these streets, I shall walk.

I downloaded old photos of me in front of a mound in North Berwick, about 50 miles outside of Edinburgh. A rainbow from Calton Hill in Edinburgh proper.

What will I see?

What will I hear?

How will observation take on new meaning as I observe and am observed?

Here, I wait to see a seal or the spray from a whale. I will miss Blonduos, about 243 km from Reyjavik.

How to make ties to my research, my time in Iceland which includes work created? I have started to do more reading and writing as the artists here at Textilsetur, myself included, prepare to share our work June 22 5-7pm in Blonduos (I just learned I can show it at 3:30pm this Saturday, June 24, at the NES Residency in Skagastrond. The more eyes, artistic or not, on it for feedback, the better. The screenings are free in both cases.

Fellow artist in residence Karin Hedberg’s scraps. I tied them to found wood in Blonduos to decorate my window. This windowsill used to hold my art supplies. I am now reading and writing, a central part of my time here, too.

I already miss this place. But there are more streets to walk. More people to see. More through which to sort. But before all of that, more time to sit. Be still. And take it all in.

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