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Knitting music

I finally had a chance to upload to Youtube video of the Knitting Circle organized by Swedish artist Kerstin Lindstrom that I mentioned in an earlier post. I enjoyed the music as much as the knitting. If memory serves, someone said the trumpeter was Blonduos’ equivalent of Justin Bieber in the 1960s. If memory serves, someone said he also played in Reykjavik’s big band back in the day. I will investigate.

Meanwhile, I was reminded of how music is a universal language. I felt the same way when I heard John Coltrane’s “Love Supreme” in the cab on the way to the bus station in Reykjavik, my second day here. I hope the screening of “The Grant Green Story” at 11pm this Thursday at Bio Paradis in Reykjavik continues to confirm this position. So much separates us. Music often brings us back together (look at the people singing in the second video. Although I did not know the words, I was very moved.

On that note, I look forward to returning to the States and finally releasing this film later this summer.

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