where to start


Where to start? Made it to Iceland for artist residency at the Textilsetur. Whirlwind trip. Rest still beckons.

IMG_5467.JPGMy room appropriately features graduates from the 1960s when this center was still a women’s college.IMG_5459.JPG

The building is more than 100 years old. I am an untrained artist, but look forward to what can be created here when I finally – and I do mean finally – disconnect.


A fun meal was had with fellow artists. Home made pizza courtesy of one of the “interns.”

IMG_5475.JPGIt’s almost 10:00pm and still daylight. Seals can be seen from a window in the nearby ocean.

Room with a view (of the sea. Florida girl seeing the Atlantic from way up high. Yay!)

What will I learn? What lies ahead?

A fellow artist offered this at dinner tonight: roasted cinnamon stick. Went well with amazing pizza. And the ice cream was pretty incredible, too.

How to turn off my brain? I haven’t had the privilege to spend this sort of time in a residency since 1995 when I was at Montalvo in Saratoga, CA (and then, for two and a half months.

IMG_5472.JPGA fellow artist agrees you need just a month just to settle down before you can finally work.

Loved the words on a brochure for an event that is happening here very soon.

Setting up “studio” tomorrow. Making ties to my historical research and ancestral past via art. As is said, one day at a time on it all.

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