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steam locomotive photography captures an era

IMG_4674.JPGTonight I attended the reception for the latest exhibit at the Mildred Westervelt Warner Transportation Museum here in Tuscaloosa. The exhibit features the photography of David Plowden who is known for capturing American landscapes.IMG_4669.JPG

The photos in this exhibit reflect his fascination with steam locomotives, which were first seen in Great Britain in the early nineteenth century.

IMG_4673.JPGThe demise of this form of transportation could be seen as early as the late nineteenth century owing to the arrival of electric and diesel engines. The loss of such trains had an impact on labor and landscapes around the world. There has been an interest in reviving this mode of transportation.

If I was teaching “The Nineteenth Century City” this semester, I would definitely ask my students to see these photos, which will be up through June 24. If you’re in Tuscaloosa, please visit this exhibit, which is on loan from the Center for Railroad Photography and Art.

While at the exhibit, it was also great seeing Katherine Richter Edge, Director of the Museum. She has always been a great help whenever I wanted to access local historic buildings for class assignments and projects.

Felix is a Rol

I got to see not only her husband Michael again, but meet her three month old baby Felix. What an adorable, observant child.IMG_4680.JPG


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