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Peek at art featured tomorrow in Breathe exhibit

Stefanie Fishel, Assistant Professor, Gender and Race Studies, deconstructs toys to unsettle our notions of what (or who) fits together.

It is an honor to present a few pieces of art in a faculty-curated exhibit inviting attention to how we breathe through events occurring in today’s world and in our own lives. If time permits, please join us tomorrow at noon for one hour in the University of Alabama Ferguson Center Art Gallery.

This piece created by Hilary Green, Assistant Professor, Gender and Race Studies, recognizes enslaved people in Tuscaloosa, AL.


Teresa Cribelli, Assistant Professor of History, created this stunning collage.

One of the pieces I’m contributing has special meaning for me as it pays homage to my current research on Miami, FL, my hometown, but also  to the people of African descent who migrated there between the late nineteenth century.

This collage pays homage to the spatial politics in my childhood neighborhood in northwest Miami-Dade County in the early 1970s.

That the exhibit is occurring on the one year anniversary of my late grandmother’s death adds even more meaning. She joined many African Americans from the Deep South who rather than migrating north, migrated farther South to Florida during the postwar period. She birthed my mother who is facing health challenges. I balance concern for her alongside the work before me.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg
This mixed media piece that I created  uses found wood, an archival photo and yarn to offer a tale concerning strength and womanhood.

John Beeler, Professor of History, will spin records during the exhibit, which will also feature a drawing from a cherished, humorous colleague and a digital piece featuring a yet another colleague demonstrating how he prepares to walk his dog. No matter what you do to recenter, do it.

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