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Great author Meet & Greet at Tuscaloosa bookseller

Me and Alabama Heritage Associate Editor Susan Reynolds and Gender and Race Studies Assistant Professor Hilary Green.

Hilary Green, Assistant Professor, Gender and Race Studies, and I had a great time at Ernest and Hadley Booksellers in Tuscaloosa, AL. Indeed, today’s Author Meet and Greet at the new indie bookstore in Tuscaloosa went well. It was so good seeing so many of our colleagues, among them Susan Reynolds, Associate Editor of Alabama Heritage (Reynolds told me the magazine is putting a huge issue about the state’s upcoming bicentennial to bed. Looking forward to reading it).

Special thanks to Easty Lambert-Brown, owner of the bookstore whose name pays homage to Ernest Hemingway and his first wife Hadley, her staff, and Miss Dots, a local eatery, for lunch. And of course, thanks to our colleagues, among them Lauren Cardon, Sarah Steinbock-Pratt, John Beeler, Lesley Gordon, Stacy Morgan for their presence and support as we share our work. Hilary’s new book addresses the educational experiences of people of African descent in the postbellum South and mine addresses the complex ways black and white Americans have long “known” one another. Roll Tide. Support local businesses. Support indie bookstores.

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