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on happiness…and trying to figure it out

Still thinking about the idea of happiness, topic of last week’s conversation in my “Gender, Race and Urban Space” graduate course. I’ll tell you what…happiness is when you hear from three former students in one day. Two headed to grad school. One needing a letter of recommendation. One just wanting to talk about whether grad school is even a good idea when a “real job” offer is also in hand. And another who just wants 2 share a song “you might dig, Professor.” #bebop2hiphop still time to make #2017 great. PS This week in GR&US, we turn to Aline Helg’s study on race, gender and space in colonial Colombia. I am presently on Ch.3 and anxious to make ties between the coastal women of African descent presented in Helg and women in later readings, among them turn of the century Puerto Rico via Eileen J. Suarez Findlay’s study, turn of the century New York via Elizabeth Ewen’s study and interwar Detroit via Victoria Wolcott’s study. As Willow says in the song above, trying to figure it and other things out, and above all, how geography, gender and not just race, figure into power politics, according to Helg. How the latter plays out in Nikki Taylor’s study of black life across time in Cincinnati offers a worth juxtaposition (trying to figure it out). All of it resonates against my ongoing work on Miami and the Florida peninsula since Andrew Jackson and the Seminoles, a topic I could not help but mention again in my “American Civilization to 1865” course. 1830s girl trying to turn to the 20th century one day at a time.

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