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Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue #17, Amalia Amaki, Paul R. Jones Collection of American Art at the University of Alabama

Today I got a sneak peek at “Freedom? Selections from the Paul R. Jones Collection,” an exhibit curated by several University of Alabama faculty members. It opens Monday and will be up through April 28. The image above is among the art work on display. To see a sample of other work, check out the clip below.

It was an honor learning about how to curate an exhibit with my colleagues and consulting curator Dalila Scruggs who is pictured here at the end of the video clip with me and my UA colleague Hilary Green, who was among the faculty members who curated the show. Students enrolled in my “American Civilization to 1865” course will receive extra credit for making links between one image in this show and an idea introduced in the course.

Special thanks to the staff at Tuscaloosa’s Paul Jones Gallery and UA’s College of Arts and Sciences Dean Robert Olin and Associate Dean Roger Sidje for their roles in making this event a reality. For more information on the exhibit, visit this university website.

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