busy weekend with former students & colleagues

Dr. Linda Beito, Associate Dean and Chair, Department of Social Sciences, Stillman College, with me and her niece Briana Royster, NYU grad student and my former Gender, Race and Urban Space grad student.

It was so good seeing former students and colleagues in one weekend. Briana Royster, a former grad student in my Gender, Race and Urban Race class and present New York University graduate student, presented today at the UA History Department’s Power and Struggle graduate student-sponsored conference with Dr. John Mitcham, a UA alum who worked with my colleague John Beeler, commenting on her paper.

The title of Briana’s paper was “Wise as Serpents, Harmless as Doves: Power Struggle Within the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Suriname.” She presented with Florida State University graduate student Jason Ratfcliffe whose paper was titled “Savior From Civilization: Bishop Brent’s Attempt to Define the Role of the Protestant Missionary in the Colonial Philippines, 1901-1918.”

Also this weekend, we honored our esteemed Professor Emeritus George Rable, former  Charles Summersell Professor of Southern History in UA’s Department of History.

And now back to this Alabama/Arkansas game (Miami and FSU on another channel). Roll Tide! It’s all about The U. Glad my lectures for next week are ready to go. What a weekend.

Briana with Florida State University grad student Jason Ratcliffe.
Dr. John Mitcham, UA alum and Duquesne University Assistant Professor of History, comments on Jason and Briana’s papers.
Mitcham worked with my colleague John Beeler.
Me and Dr. John Minney, General Studies Program Chair at Alabama’s Concordia College. He is another recent UA alum.
Me and my senior colleague Steve Bunker.
Professor of History Emeritus George Rable speaking at a retirement tribute.
Beeler says a few words about Rable who held an endowed chair in the History Department.


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