a moment to reflect

I love this photo of me with Ludwig Franz and Ed Ehrenberg, two German filmmakers who were in Harlem to share their own work, because you can actually see my face. It’s first sign that I was feeling a lot better than I did when the plane landed in New York days earlier.

I finally have a moment to begin reflecting on the premiere of “The Grant Green Story” at the Harlem International Film Festival (HIFF). So much happened during my recent visit to New York. I was quite ill throughout the visit and am still gaining my strength. I am about 85 percent better. Nasty flu.

I also love this photograph of B. Lorenzo Roche, Director of Operations for HIFF, and Lacy James, a musician whose song “Today in the City” is the theme song for “The Grant Green Story.” Two great souls.



I am mostly feeling like it was pure magic in terms of watching it come together on the big screen.

Here, my former husband, Grant Jr., walks through a graveyard in which his dad, the late guitarist, is buried. The MIST Harlem staff did a great job projecting this film, which was originally shot on 16 mm.

Sharing it with old and new friends was also a wonderful experience.

Last spring, I met Sandi Perlmutter  and Deirdre Owens Cooper at a conference for women filmmakers and women historians respectively. Two new friends I adore and ones who reflect my diverse life interests.

For years when I volunteered for the Sundance Film Festival, I’d see filmmakers standing for Q & As after their films were shown. The delay of the premiere of the film on Grant was sometimes in the back of my mind as I listened to their stories. Again, work first began on this film in 1994.

I found this old photo of me at Sundance. I think this was 2002. That coat was from a thrift store. The hat was made by a designer friend. That scarf was purchased in a NYC store. I was freezing while waiting at a bus stop for my box office shift at the Yarrow Hotel theatre.  I think this was taken somewhere near the Park City Racquet Club. I remember once walking to my theatre and calling my late grandmother who actually picked up the phone. Couldn’t believe I got a connection. It was about 5:30 am in Utah and 7:30 in Miami. Her words upon hearing I was walking in the mountains in the snow, “Don’t stop. Keep walking!” I felt like Harriet Tubman.

I think I just feel relieved to have shared it with others and look forward to future screenings. There are still ways to make the project better and I’ll be thinking deeply about how to do that. In the meantime, it’s just a great feeling to see something to the finish line. I could say more, but I’ll leave it there. My comments posted on the film’s Facebook page were pretty exhaustive.

View of the stadium where the Mets play. I saw this as the plane took off from LaGuardia

A special shout-out to Grant Green Jr., Lacy James, Jesse Childs,  and Sasha Michkovsky for your contributions to this work. And to Sandi Perlmutter, John Beeler, Stephanie Gonzalez,  and so many others mentioned on the Facebook post, thanks for being there.

Some of my way cool “Bebop to Hip Hop: Young America and Music” students had class without me while I was away. My husband set up two turntables and a fader so they could deejay old school-style.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts on the cool parade I saw in Harlem and my visit to the Studio Museum of Harlem to see the Alma Thomas exhibit.

Two of our cats smelling my shoes upon my arrival home. They were totally having a New York City moment smelling those shoes.




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