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Summer is just a few days away. Featured in this post are images reflecting where I presently am on the other side of the 2015-2016 school year. I am thinking about:

Blueberries are ripening. It will soon be time to make jam.

-the blueberry jam and apple cobbler I will soon make. Thank God for the recent rain. The garden and other plant life around our home will benefit.

Our apple tree is doing very well this year.


– the flowers I will continue to place in vases and send in to the office staff. The Rose of Sharon blossoms are especially beautiful this year. I have enjoyed the gardenias, too.

A Rose of Sharon blossom from our yard.


-the paintings I have done over the years and rarely have time to make anymore. I have promised one to a friend’s husband. I can see it in my mind’s eye and even have a title for it. It’s been years since I felt a painting like that. I hope it is a sign of things to come.

These four tiny paintings on found wood were created early this century.


-next school year. My book order for next year’s classes is in, but I am still pondering other readings. I wonder how often my students and  I will be able to get out of the classroom. I have often used the city as a lab to learn more about emerging urban life in America. We have often visited local buildings.

One I long to take them to is the former Bryce Hospital, a historic building on the University of Alabama’s campus. It is presently being renovated. A few weeks ago, I saw the rotunda pictured below, which was part of the hospital,  being hauled away. Will it return? Some of the building, which was initially constructed in 1853, is being preserved, but some of it will be gone forever.

I will never forget the day my husband and I stood inside the rotunda that Landon Garland, the university’s former president and his wife, stood in Bryce, once called the Alabama State Hospital for the Insane. The Garlands were watching Union soldiers torching the city of Tuscaloosa and the mansion they called home (the mansion and hospital were among six university buildings saved). They – and we more than 150 years later –  had a panoramic view of the region. The terror that was felt by many with so many varying political views must have been widespread as the smell of smoke filled the air. The day was April 4, 1865. A war was about to end. In the wake of recent terror, one can only continue to hope for peace on this planet.

PS The Miami Heat didn’t make it. I hope the Cavs do. Still rooting for the underdog  – always.

The Bryce Hospital rotunda is presently being restored.


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