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tuscaloosa in starring role of student music video

It’s been two weeks now since the tech conference in Denver. Barreling toward the end of the semester. Lecturing on Jacksonian America and all its peculiarities and having a wonderful time watching students enrolled in my “The Nineteenth Century City” course gathering footage and photos for the “world premiere” of their music video. Once again, Tuscaloosa is in the starring role.

Thanks to Tim Higgins and music critic Ann Powers, Bible Study (Higgins is a member of the band) is allowing us to feature their song “Druid City” in the video. I love this tune (Druid City is one of Tuscaloosa’s nicknames owing to trees planted here in the 1840s, if memory serves).

More good news: the Jemison Mansion, as mentioned in my most recent course blog post, has agreed to host this event. Also, on  Nov. 3 our efforts are being honored by the Tuscaloosa County Preservation Society. I appreciate these opportunities to be a scholar and an artist, learning  with the students. All the while, I cautiously share our experiences. For sure, the students’ inspire as their generation is far more comfortable than mine with social media. I may get there. One day. I think.

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