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On getting the facts first, Twain and transforming the essay

Jolene Hubbs, Jeff Melton and Karen Gardiner and I presented our “Transforming the Essay: Technology, Active Learning and Collaboration” panel this morning at The Teaching Professor Technology Conference in Denver. Our “Transforming the Essay” Powerpoint is below as is our handout. I’m also sharing a wobbly YouTube video of our Twain quotation shout-out (See last slide on Powerpoint for context). Made with Youtube Capture, it was the interactive piece to our session.

Thanks to everyone who turned out today. Thanks, also, to all of my students for allowing me to learn with you.

Among the quotations I will take to heart are the following from Alec Couros‘ Opening Plenary Session:

How are you making your learning visible?

How are you contributing to the learning of others?

I also liked another quotation, but I can’t remember the session. It was “Don’t limit a child to your learning for he was born in another time. – Tagore.”

PS I really want to share the poems (or spoken word presentations) presented by my Graduate Teaching Assistants this past Wednesday as we prepped for next week’s Midterm in “American Civilization to 1865,” but I can’t edit here on my Dell. Left the Macbook Pro in Tuscaloosa. Stay tuned. Will do it through iphone. Roll Tide!

Transforming the Essay – Handout

TransformingtheEssay Powerpoint

Here is one of the Twain websites created by Jeff’s students;

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