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learning to let go…of the traditional essay, or make it more fun.

I leave in two days for The Teaching Professor Technology Conference in Denver. I’ve downloaded the conference app and gotten more savvy with using my twitter account.

Again, I will share how I use technology in the classroom. The postings on this blog are mainly related to my use of vintage vinyl records in an undergraduate survey course at the University of Alabama. The students were challenged to make connections between long-held ideas about what it means to be “American” and some aspect of old records. Read the rest of this blog for more information.

Special thanks to the students enrolled in “American Civilization to 1865” (HY 103) and the Graduate Teaching Assistants Lindsay Smith, Kari Boyd and Hannah Miller for being open to this project.

I want to also thank, again, UA’s College of Arts and Sciences and the History Department as well as my fellow panel members Jeff Melton, Jolene Hubbs and Karen Gardiner for sharing this journey with me. We’ll see how it goes.

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