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photoThe heading of this blog post is not original. May Sarton, poet-journal writer-gender power-woman, used them years ago as the opening to Journal of a Solitude, a cherished book. They seem fitting for the journey on which I am about to embark even though I am hardly alone. In less than two months, I’ll share the ways in which I have integrated technology into my teaching at the The Teaching Professor Technology Conference. I’ll mention how last fall students in one of my upper level History courses at the University of Alabama used Tuscaloosa as a lab to find “the nineteenth century city” via a short film (in addition to writing the traditional research essay), and how another group this year is on board to make a music video this year pursuing the same task, and hopefully with the help of a local band. Oh,  231 more in a American Civilization to 1865 survey class seem more confident than I expected as they set out to explore long-held ideas about what it means to be “American” via vintage vinyl records (a FAQ Blackboard hand-out that will soon be posted here reveals this is a two-fold mission. My husband has collected more records than our house can hold and this is one way to unload them). This site cautiously serves as a record of how these and other projects, including ones related to my own research, evolve. What better place to begin than here?

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